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Welcoming New CEO John Morse to Defiance Games

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We are pleased to announce that John Morse will become CEO of Defiance Games effective January 1st, 2014.

John has worked with Defiance previously in product development and other areas and has been heavily involved with the company over the last several weeks. He brings with him a variety of experience. In the course of his career he has held positions in client services, business development, new venture creation, and public and media relations for both start-up and Fortune 1000 companies. In 1998 he earned a Masters of Business Administration from the Sloan School at M.I.T.

John’s initial focus will be overseeing the fulfillment of our Kickstarter deliverables followed by the expansion of our product line. Although his official start date is January, John is currently transitioning into his new role and working with the Defiance team on all aspects of the business.

Please join us in welcoming John to Defiance Games!



Kickstarter Updates

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We're spending all our time and 100% focused on designing and manufacturing the great sets that have come out of our successful Kickstarter in October. If you're looking for an update - please visit the Kickstarter page for all the latest news: 


Direct link here:



We've Gone Plastic!

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Boxes that is! Our new sets are packaged in these handy black cases that can double as storage when you've built the models inside!

Going forward everything but the Marines will be in these (too many frames to fit in there for the UAMC!) Our first sets in this format are the Standard Cargo Containers, Imperial Chinese Militia, and Aleutian Swamp Worms. Look for them on the shelves of your FLGS soon!

And - because Ron DuBray asked on Facebook - these are recyclable and made here in the United States by ASG-Amaray.

Apologies for the shiny pics - better ones to come!


The Quest for 2K Likes! With Prizes!

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We're very close to 2,000 "Likes" over on our Facebook page so we thought it was a great time for a little contest. Come on over to Facebook - "Like" us - and we'll pick one of our "Likers" (is that a word?) to win a set of their choice! Click here to get in on it!


We'll Talk Your Ear Off! Podcast Requests!

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We're gearing up to start a regular podcast for all things Defiance Games and we'd like to know what you want to hear about! Click on the logo above or RIGHT HERE and let us know in the forums or on the Defiance Games Facebook page!


New Terrain - Containment Barriers!

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A new addition to our growing terrain line! Containment Barriers!


 A Marine section patrols the perimeter of their FOB. Note damage from a previous Chinese reconnaissance in force. 


5 hard plastic frames with 3 barriers each - 15 barriers will create over 45 inches of cover on your tabletop!

There are four deals to choose from - Single Barrier Set, 4-Box Set, 10-Box Set, or a special combo set with 2 boxes of barriers and 4 containers for $99 with free worldwide shipping.

Check them all out by CLICKING HERE!


Chinese Box Art Preview

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Next week we'll be releasing the Imperial Chinese Militia in our new plastic boxes for full distribution release - they're already available direct but soon they'll be in your Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS) and with your favorite online retailers!

Leading up to this worldwide release we wanted to tease a bit of the box art by Defiance's own Max Martelli! Here's one part of the scene!


Ready to start building your Imperial Chinese Force? Click here to get them now!


Huge 50 Container Deal - Limited Time!

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We've been so thrilled with the response to the new hard plastic shipping containers that we wanted to put in place a very special deal for those of you who want to really load up your tables!

Order before July 8th to get a pre-launch special of 50 total containers for $499! This also includes FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. Click here!

This is perfect for gaming clubs and groups or those of you who want to build a truly impressive cargo port!  This deal ends July 8th - so get in on it now!

Click here for more information!


Shipping Containers!

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Our next set is about to release - pre-order for shipping the week of July 15th!


The hard plastic shipping containers are ideal for terrain and objectives on your gaming table. Each set features two containers - but you can build three different container options. One is a standard container, another is an enviro-unit/refrigerated container, and the third lets you have opening doors on both ends.

A set with two containers is $29.95 - and we also have 4 and 10 set deals that will get you 8 or 20 containers! You can literally fill your table!

Get them here! 


The Chinese Are Here!

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We're incredibly happy to announce the release of our newest set - and the beginning of an entirely new Core Force for ALIEN WAR! The Imperial Chinese Militia are here!   

Imperial China is the largest nation on Earth and holds the largest number of off world colonies spread primarily in the China Arm but scattered throughout Human Space. 

Fueled by China's aggressive 10-child policy for ethnic Han Chinese and 5-child polices for African, Latin American, and other Asian dependents (the so-called Free People's Coaltion for Mutual Benefit), China's colonies are also the most populous. 

To protect those territories, the Emperor has at His disposal a massive military. Leading it are the Emperor's own descendants - the children, grandchildren, and great-great-great grandchildren of His massive family (currently estimated to be over 150,000 direct descendants in 8 generations). Not every member of the First Family is career military but most serve their time at one point or another. The most famous, or infamous, being the Tigress. Although there are exceptions, First Family members generally lead their forces from the cockpits of China's advanced Mechs and Hardsuit mechanized infantry.

At the core of the Imperial Army is the modern, professional Regular Army. Equipped with the latest equipment, armor, and weaponry, Regular Army units can be found leading planetary invasions or engaged in the defense of the most important colony worlds.

But the vast bulk of the Imperial Army is made up of the Militia. Numbering in the millions, Imperial Chinese Militia are the glue that hold the Empire together. Typically led by Han Chinese officers and NCOs and with a Political Commissar overseeing each 20-man squad, the bulk of the Militia are made up of Asian, African, and Latin American subjects. 

Milita are full time troops - primarily volunteers - who serve eight year enlistments. Typically raised from the local populace of the colony world they serve on, in rare cases Imperial Militia serve as front line forces along with the Regular Army in situations where high casualties are expected. 

A standard Militia rifle squad (part of a larger platoon) is made up of 20 troops. The squad is led by a Sergeant (Zhong Shi) and a Political Commissar. The remaining 18 men are divided into two sections. 

The Assault Section is led by a Corporal (Xia Shi) and consists of ten riflemen. Riflemen are equipped with the QBZ-29 - a standard assault rifle featuring a front-situated 30-round banana clip with 5.8mm caseless ammunition. Introduced in 2229, the QBZ-29 has seen service in Imperial forces for over 30 years and has recently been replaced by a new rifle in the Regular Army.

The Fire Support Section consists of two heavy machine gun teams utilizing the QJY-48, China's relatively new general purpose MG, which also fires the standard 5.8mm caseless round. The section is led by a Corporal (Xia Shi) with two additional riflemen providing security. These last two also serve as additional ammunition bearers. 

This is a HUGE set of 20 figures with loads of parts. Check them out here!



Facebook Poll Up - Next Infantry Set?

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If you're a Facebook user - pop over to our page and let us know which Infantry set you want next!  


We are just about to release the Imperial Chinese Militia - and after them will be the Female Marines - we're interested to know what you'd like to see after those! (We also have the UAMC Hardsuits, German Walker, a terrain set, and other vehicles in process - this poll is just focused on infantry sets!)  


Click HERE for the poll!  


And we'll leave you with a look at the Chinese!


 Chinese Militia HMG team takes aim with the QBJ-48 general purpose 5.8mm machinegun




Backlog cleared! And New Sets on the Way!

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Hello Everyone! We just cleared out a huge backlog of orders now that the production team is running at full speed! If you haven't received a shipping notice please contact us via the Contact Us page and we'll track it down for you!

In other good news we are shortly going to release the new UAMC JRAB 4x4 vehicle for the Marines! This will kick off a new series of regular release that will also include the German Mech, Chinese Infantry (sculpted by Bob Naismith), the UAMC Hardsuits, and more!


We've been hacked!

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Just a quick note to let you know the Google ads running on our site our not supposed to be there! We are working with our host to get them off the site!

Please note that our e-commerce store is unaffected by this as it is a completely separate website hosted in a different location that just ties into the main site.

Sorry for the inconvenience and ugly ads!!

We are busy producing, packing, and shipping orders and we'll be putting up some "real" updates and news on upcoming sets and our plans soon!




German Update - and What's Happening!

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Sorry for the lack of updates - it's been all hands on deck in the new plastic "factory" here in Boston to get the Germans rolling out as fast as possible.  

We've been shipping steadily albeit slowly but will be able to move everything out much faster now that we've solved some problems on this end with production. 

As many of you know, Ed Fortae officially joined the company back in August after working with us for several months in figuring out a new plastic process that lets us put figures that have all the undercuts and "life" of metal miniatures into hard plastic. This was a new process that Ed was still perfecting and took a while for all of us to get to a point where we could produce reliably and consistently.

Our first set for this new plastic process - Hudson's Bugs - was in many ways both a great choice and a poor one. The Bug box consists of 30 Bugs each made with 10 parts - 4 legs, 2 body parts, 2 arms, a head, and a 30mm round base. There are LOADS of parts in the box and they take a LONG time to produce. It was great to start with these as it was the perfect test of the system and helped Ed iron out a lot of issues and go from experiment to full-on production. It was bad though because they're just a tough set to produce in quantity - a lot of man-hours go into them. For example we can get about 6 German boxes for every Bug box!

The Bugs were creating a HUGE bottleneck and holding up all the other releases so we decided that they would have to be sidelined for general distribution for the time being and we would just focus on getting the pre-orders out and then catch up on them for distribution release later. 

At the same time that all this was going on, we bought new plastic equipment and moved into our new production/warehouse space here in Boston. We had to get the whole team up to speed on the process - and in doing so we ended up changing some things along the way including how Ed was doing molds so that the process could go faster. 

Every time we thought we had a handle on things - something would creep up to knock us back. Well - knock on wood - we've finally got it all figured out and we've been producing steadily and consistently for the last few weeks and building up and shipping German sets.

One of our packing stations. The parts come from the molding room and are checked, sorted, and bagged before being boxed.

All of this, of course, has had a cumulative effect so we're just WAY behind on everything in our plan. Like they say - no plan survives contact with the enemy! Despite all these setbacks and disappointments along the way, we're feeling really good about the process and the end product. It's an awesome feeling to see a beautifully detailed piece come fresh from the mold. 

So as we get the rest of the Germans out to consumers, retailers, and distributors over the next couple weeks, we're also continually moving ahead with additional projects for both our ALIEN WAR range and some co-branded sets that will leverage the new plastic process. These sets will be kept under wraps until their boxed and ready to go…but there are some fun and unexpected things coming down the pike!

Again, we're so sorry for all the delays and false starts on our end. We kept thinking we had things sorted only to stumble into some other delay as we moved forward. We are working as fast as possible to get the Germans all shipped off to everyone - and making sure there are some extras in there to try to make up for the delays on our end. 

We hope all this is behind us now and we can get on with the very important work of making toy soldiers!!!

Oh - and something coming for the Germans in 2013…



Fritz the MG11 Gunner

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Tim Williamson sent in a shot of his painted Fritz the MG11 Gunner. Fritz is the free giveaway figure for every German order. He's still available on all orders until these head out to our distributors in about 10 days so if you want one - put in your German order now!

Fritz can be added to any German Panzergrenadier gruppe as one of the two MG11 gunners. He's "slightly" larger than your typical German trooper and generally forgoes an assistant gunner as he is quite happy carrying all that extra ammo himself!



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